HYPER-SUCCESS PHENOMENON
                                     CHIBU NDUBUISI 19/06/2017
God creates order it is man who creates chaos”
Peace be to you.
The fear of rejection, the fear of what people will say and think, the obsession of not belonging, the thoughts of insecurity of what tomorrow holds and the pressure of a consumer society leads us inevitably in to circle of always “wanting to be” but never “arriving”, “wanting to acquire” but never  “appreciating”, always longing “to be seen” but always made“ invisible” by the hood we choose to wear.
We have had so many blockbuster songs in Nigeria that always glorified crime. We had the “Yahoozee” by Olu Maintain, “I go chop your dollars” by Nkem Owoh, “Maga don pay” by Kelly Handsome and “Ana Enwe Obodo Enwe” by Oliver De Coque. I am equally expecting another track from Nkem Owoh which I will suggest he titles it “I go hide una dollars” to reflect the way our thieving leaders now hide looted monies in cemeteries, flats and water tankers.

The retarding effect of the regressive philosophy of the ‘rat race’ does no one any good. We have a philosophy here, promoted and propagated by business and religious leaders and it says that “you will be addressed the way you are dressed” but I have a little observation to add because “to seek acceptance through our appearance, is to see ourselves as objects rather than subjects and objects can be tossed in different directions” and we can see how our youths are tossed in different directions that has led them down the road of infamy.

The trending issue of the “Career Billionaire Kidnapper” Chukwudubem Onwuamadike Evans and his opulent life style is a symbol of a crime tolerating society, crime glorifying society and crime infested society. It narrows down the need of closing the gap of a world in which values are determined by money alone.

Before Evans, we had popular criminals like Anini, Derico Nwa Mama, Shina Rambo, Otondo, De jango, Khaki no be leather and many others. But the problem here is that those on “fast lane”(getting rich at all cost including committing murder), their road is always short like the Evans story and the Drug kingpin Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, a legend in Mexico who gained notoriety  through his dramatic prison escapes and years of staying just ahead of the law.

Jonathan Sacks advises that “When there are no shared standards there can be no conversation and where conversation ends violence begins”. Violence in homes, in schools, in worship places, in work places as evidences all abound. No wonder Evans father divorced his mother. The rest is now history.

In his book “The four Agreement” Don Miguel Ruiz advises that “when we fulfill any need of the human body, it gives us pleasure”. So it is with our different families. When we fulfill some our parental responsibilities we are at peace and the society is better off. 

Jonathan Sacks advises us all that “World peace begins at home” lets strive to fix our homes to help heal a fractured world.

Peace be with you.


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