MORE RIVERS TO CROSS.         9/03/2021 Good day my brethrens. I have partly come to the end of my stay at OWERRI, IMO State. A recent transfer published last week, took me to Okigwe to head the Drivers licence Centre there. Hence, I will no longer coordinate the affairs of this Alumnus as necessitated by this transfer. I deeply appreciate all who supported the growth of this Alumnus in Imo State with their time, talents and treasures. When I was posted to Owerri,IMO State in 2018 July, I was accomodated by Ikechukwu Matthew Ihejirika at his residence. This was made possible because we attended the same University (Caritas). I appreciate him for that heart of gold. We are all travellers, I have come to learn some basic fact about life when you decide to embark on life's journey. The first is that you must embark on a journey ( As evidenced by this union we started in Owerri) The second is that you are not assured that you will complete the journey ( As evidenced by the baton I am h


                          WORDS:              A PHILOSOPHICAL NOTE © 31/12/ 2020        CHIBU NDUBUISI Peace be upon you. Words become works- Seneca Words create worlds- Rabbi Jonathan Sacks Words became flesh and dwelt among us-John 1;14   As the year 2020 draws to an end, we have come to know and understand the meaning of words like ‘COVID 19’, Lockdown, Quarantine, Social distancing, Face mask, Palliatives, have all come to define the year 2020. We have seen and witnessed how these words have created so much work for people, created so many worlds and made flesh of so many variables in our lives that were not operating optimally or lying fallow and equally tearing some worlds apart and building other worlds.   Jonathan Sacks notes that”you change the world not by the idea of power but by the power of ideas” these ideas are rooted in words. Joe Biden equally quipped that “you change the world not by the example of power but by the power of example” and these exa


LESSONS FROM GOODLUCK EBELE JONATHAN © 2019                                  CHIBU NDUBUISI                         WEEK 9 2019 Peace be upon you. In this season of electioneering, I will draw from the archives, the words of former President Jonathan that remains instructive till this day and lessons we can learn from his understanding of life, not just politics. The quotes are: ·          " I am the most abused and insulted president in the world, but when I leave office, you will all remember me for the total freedom you enjoyed under my government."  ·          My political ambition is not worth the blood of any Nigerian. ·          In the comfort of our offices, let us not forget that majority of our people live below the poverty line. ·          Any society or country that closes the vital valves of its democratic space cannot develop at a reasonable pace. ·          Where there is no opportunity for one man one vote, there